Is it always an Ashbourne Connect branded bus?

No, at times we use buses from other parts of our fleet and they may not be branded as Ashbourne Connect or may even be branded for another service.

Every bus will however always display Route number and Final Destination i.e. ‘194 RATOATH’.

Please look out for the destination display on the bus windscreen.

How do I get the bus to stop?

Please put your hand out in good time for the driver to see you. Don’t assume the bus will automatically stop.

The drivers will scan the stops as they approach the stop for possible passengers but as they get closer and see no signal they will commit to moving the bus on. This means they may be looking in the road ahead or in their mirrors and may not see you.

At this stage it will be very dangerous to just stop the bus.

The onus is on the passenger to hail to bus, please keep an eye out for the bus.

Taxsaver Terms and Conditions of Taxsaver Tickets

Terms and Conditions of Taxsaver Ticket.

1. Tickets are only valid on a personalised Leap Card. Fraudulent use of the ticket will result in cancelation on without refund.

2. Tickets are valid from the 1st of the month un l the last day of the month for the period selected.

3. Annual tickets can be cancelled by giving notice in writing or by email by the 20th of each month. Refunds will be for the remaining clear months on the ticket minus a 10% admin fee.

4. Refunds will only be made by EFT to the bank account nominated by the employer.

5. We only accept payment by EFT. Paper payments are not acceptable.

6. We can ‘freeze’ annual tickets for periods of more than 3 months if your situation changes e.g. birth of child, sickness, relocation. This in an alternative to a refund.

7. The ticket will not be valid if we have not received payment. If payment is not with us within the required timeframe the ticket will commence on the 1st of the month following payment.

8. The customer must have their personalised leap card prior to first use of the ticket. The company will not refund for any portion of ticket not used due to the customer not having a personalised leap card.


Where are the Outbound stops in Dublin City?

**Please Check timetable for services and times**

UCD – Coach Park (Peak Only)

Ballsbridge – Dublin Bus Stop 487 (Peak Only)

Grand Canal – Treasury Building (Peak only)

Mount Street – Dublin Bus Stop 491

Merrion Square – Dublin Bus Stop 493

Merrion Square West – Dublin Bus Stop 2810

Merrion Street – Dublin Bus Stop 2811

St. Stephen’s Green – Dublin Bus Stop 790

Leinster Street South – Dublin Bus Stop 7586

Westland Row – Dublin Bus Stop 495

Custom House Quay – Dublin Bus Stop 407

North Wall – Hilton Hotel – Dublin Bus Stop 2499

North Wall – A&L Goodbody – Dublin Bus Stop 2500

North Wall – 3 Arena – Dublin Bus Stop 7623

How do I retrieve lost property?

If you think you have lost property on our buses please email us with the following information.

Description of item

Date and time lost

Bus service you were on (time and boarding stop)

If we find your item we will either try link it up with your next bus journey or you can collect during Monday – Friday from 09.00-16.00 from our garage at Primatestown Cross.

We will store items for 30 days and then dispose of items not claimed.

The company accepts no liability for lost property.


Is every stop served?

Restrictions are set on certain times by Dublin City Council so if there is no time beside the stop the bus does not have permission to use the bus stop.

Ashbourne Connect do not have any control over these restrictions.

How accurate are the timetables?

Timetables are a best case scenario. They are designed for a typical day, with typical road conditions. The timetables are intended as a guide.

Delays can be caused by traffic, weather, events and other situations outside of our control.

We recommend allowing time to complete your journey as depending on the day operating conditions can be unpredictable.