Taxsaver Questions


We have had a spike in taxsaver ticket questions this week, rest assured your ticket has been automatically stopped since 1st April 2020. You will not loose out on any time left on your ticket!

When you wish to return to work you can let us know, so however long this will be your ticket will be waiting with all the remaining months for you to use.

Many employers deduct your taxsaver ticket on each payroll over the period of the ticket, this is normal and doesn’t mean your ticket is active.

There will be a small web form available soon for you to ‘opt in’ to reactivate your taxsaver.

How do I reactivate my taxsaver?

Click on the link below and fill in the form. This needs to be done 48 hours in advance to allow ticket to be placed onto your Leap Card. Once you reactivate your ticket it will be active each month until expiry.

How do I order a Taxsaver?

Click here for our online taxsaver order form. This form is password protected so please email to gain access.

Dont forget the terms and conditions and other Taxsaver FAQs which are in this section.

If you have any questions please email

Who actually buys the ticket?

The employer buys the ticket from the bus company as a normal inter business transaction.

All matters to actual tax deduction and the amounts are between the employer and the employee. The administration of the payroll function is not within our remit. Ashbourne Connect have no control over this.

The contract for services is between Ashbourne Connect and the employer so refunds are a matter between the operator and the employer. Refunds will only be made to the employer.

How do I get a Personalised Leap Card?

Please visit and apply for your card via the online application form.

Will I actually save that much?

Yes! The taxsaver scheme is one of the best ways for a PAYE worker to save on tax.

Depending on how much you earn you will save on the price we sell the ticket for and you will not have the hassle of buying tickets or topping up Leap Cards. Stress free commuting.

What if I want to cancel?

Taxsaver tickets canceled by the employer before the 20th of the month prior to issue.

As an alternative if you are sick on extended leave we can ‘pause’ your ticket until you return once we have notice before the 20th of the previous month.

Terms and Conditions of Taxsaver Ticket.

1. Tickets are only valid on a personalised Leap Card. Fraudulent use of the ticket will result in
cancelation on without refund.
2. Tickets are valid from the 1st of the month until the last day of the month for the period selected.
3. Premium Annual tickets can be cancelled by giving notice in writing or by email by the 20th of each
4. Refunds will only be made by EFT to the bank account nominated by the employer.
5. We only accept payment by EFT. Paper payments are not acceptable.
6. We can ‘freeze’ annual premium and basic tickets for periods of more than 3 months if your
situation changes e.g. birth of child, sickness, and relocation. Unless your ticket type allows there is no
refund for time not used.
7. The ticket will not be valid if we have not received payment. If payment is not with us within the
required timeframe the ticket will commence on the 1st of the month following payment. 8. The
customer must have their personalised leap card prior to first use of the ticket. The company will not
refund for any portion of ticket not used due to the customer not having a personalised leap card.
8. If you purchase via a third party vendor the contract for all customer service enquiries lie with the
vendor. Any conditions attached by the vendor will not be in the control of the bus company.
9. Monthly, 3 month and basic annual taxsaver tickets ordered from 1st December 2020 will not be
refundable under any circumstances
10. Where an order is placed by a method outside of our webform and the terms and conditions
checkbox is not used the bus company will only accept this on the basis that the applicant agrees to the
terms and conditions.