Terms and Conditions

Commuter Travel

The following list of hints, tips and general information has been compiled to ensure that each of our passengers has a relaxing journey. Some of these suggestions have been added at the request of passengers. If you think we have missed something from this list please let us know at info@ashbourneconnect.ie

Smoking is not permitted at any time.

  • Animals are not permitted to travel on our vehicles unless they are assistance animals. Please let us know in advance if you will be travelling with an assistance animal.
  • Personal belongings should not be placed on the seat next to you. Lightweight items only may be placed in the overhead rack. Briefcases and other property of that nature should be placed on the floor within your seat space. Large items of luggage weighing no more than 20kg will be accommodated in the luggage hold on request to the driver. Nothing may be allowed to obstruct gangways or exits and very large quantities of luggage may not be carried except by prior arrangement.
  • Passengers should not speak to the driver or otherwise distract him/her whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  • Passengers should familiarise themselves with the emergency exits onboard the vehicles.
  • Please refrain from consuming any foods/ drinks with a pungent smell whilst onboard the vehicle.
  • Please keep the use of mobile phones onboard the vehicle to a minimum. Telephone conversations should be conducted quietly and phones put in silent mode so as not to disturb others.
  • If you are planning to sleep onboard the bus please do not obstruct the spare seat next to you by either placing your belongings on it or by sitting in the aisle seat.
  • If using the recline function on your seat please ensure you are not impeding the comfort of the passenger behind you.
  • If paying for a ticket onboard the vehicle with cash please ensure you have the correct money. Any change due must be collected from our office in person.
  • A valid ticket must be carried with you on each journey. Without one you will be charged for that journey.
  • The driver or any of Ashbourne Connect managerial or supervisory staff are empowered to carry out ticket checks onboard our buses. Any forgeries or dubious tickets will be confiscated from you, you will not be permitted to travel and may face questioning from the Garda Síochána.
  • The driver or any of Ashbourne Connect managerial or supervisory staff is empowered to require a passenger to leave the bus should their behaviour be a danger to themselves or a danger or nuisance to other passengers or a danger to other road users. Such behaviour shall include the consumption of alcohol, noise from any instrument, radio or recorded sound player, unpleasant language and threatening behaviour.
  • Please keep the volume of personal music players (such as MP3 players) to a minimum to avoid disturbing other passengers around you.
  • For safety reasons please do not obstruct the aisle. Bags must not be hung on arm rests and should instead be stored on the floor by your feet or in the overhead racks. Obstruction of the aisle could impede your evacuation or the evacuation of other passengers in an emergency situation.
  • Please be aware that due to the busy bus stops we use by various transport service providers we are unable to implement queuing systems for customers. We ask that all passengers treat each other with respect and kindness whilst waiting at bus stops and when boarding vehicles.
  • Please refrain from putting feet up on the seats, these seat will be used by passengers at some stage in the day and need to be clean.
  • Please be mindful of others onboard and keep conversations at a low volume.